DD_pictoWhat to do?

All items must be 100% authentic and be in new, mint or good gently worn condition. We only accept high end designer labels. 

Wens je ook via Designers-Drive te verkopen? Onze NL vertaling voor de gehele site volgt. Wel staan onze Terms & Conditions er in het NL al op. Mocht je interesse en|of vragen hebben, bel ons óf stuur een bericht naar én dan nemen we graag contact met je op!


I           Inform us about your items wishes for sale!

You can bring the items to the Designers-Drive showroom in Venlo ór we plan a personal drive pick-up service.

Please describe your items; label, type, price, certificate, fabric, dustbag etc.

Each item will be carfefully inspected by professionals of authenticity and condition.

Before we start to sale we’ve contact with you for the listed discription of the items with suggested price etc. Al these items will be confirmed in your personal schedule we send you. Once you agree, your items will be photographed and listed.

The process of receiving and inspecting, creating an inventory of your items, photographing and listing them can take up to two weeks.

II          We sale for you!

We sale by online in the Designers-Drive Webshop and by personal visits to the Designers-Drive Showroom.

Your product will appear in newsletters and various other social media.

We communicate for you via online strategy, social media, our large network and pr activities.

III         You get payed!

At the end you get paid.

When your items are sold, we first waight until the payment transaction is completed, then we ship it out.

Low commission rate – no extra hidden fees.

Under € 2000,- you earn 60% as confirmed in the schedule we’ve send you. Over € 2000,- as we confirmed also from the schedule.

Because we have many consignors, we advise you to call or email us on a regular basis to check on the state of your items.


Birkin DD JXImportant! The owner is held responsible for the authenticity of their items. For any item that proves to be counterfeit, owners will be charged € 250,- on the next scheduled invoice to cover the authentication expense. Items that are unsellable due to authenticity issues will be returned to you at your own expense. If you don’t wish your items to be returned, we will dispose of them. 


Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We are always happy to help you! For all inquiries concerning selling and consignation, please make an appointment at the Showroom.


Call: +31 (0)6 20 44 65 06 | +31(77) 850 92 15